Q: How many guests can you host?

A:  140 is our max seating capacity. If you are having a buffet and dance or other specialty features inside the tent, 140 or less is most comfortable and allows adequate space for the dance floor.


Q: What is all included?

A:  In the Reception Space: Wood tables - Chairs - Lighting - Bar structure - Guest book signing table - Folding tables - Rustic Bins

     In the Ceremony Site: Chairs - Registry Table - Side Drapery - Lighting 

     Sound System for both Ceremony and Reception

     Projector and Screen

     Bridal Party Area: The original house on the property (c 1900) is an area where the Bride and her bridesmaids can meet in, touch up       their make-up and put on their dresses. Contains mirrors and decorative couches. (It has limited electrical outlets.)

     Fireplace area - Seating around the fireplace,  wood provided and managed by staff

     Patio Area - cocktail tables and stools

     Kitchen Prep Area - 2 large fridge coolers - a mid-size chest Freezer - Sink - Prep tables

     Washrooms - Flushable toilets - Wheelchair accessible

     The Loft - an area for pictures


Q: Do we need a liquor permit?

A: Yes, with any amount of alcohol, whether it be 1 bottle of wine or more, you will need a liquor permit. 


Q: Do we need a licensed bartender?

A: Yes. Cielo's Garden will provide a list of bartenders to choose from.  


Q: Is there a corkage fee?

A: The corkage fee only applies if you add on the optional bar package that includes ice, cups, garnishes, mix etc.  If you bring your own bar package, there is no fee.


Q: What do we have left to organize at your venue?

1. Hire a caterer. There are generally 2 options - Your hired caterer will either come with dishes and full service OR your hired caterers offer only food and you will need to rent your own dishes, as well as do set-up and clean-up.     

2. Other Decor and Floral -  Hire a Florist who does both floral and rentals to do this all for you and can set it up as well, or DIY by bringing in your own florals and your own decor. 

3. DJ Package - Crystal Sound offers the DJ packages for Cielo's Garden, which includes 7 hours of DJ services, uplighting, dance floor lighting, and projector and screen