About Us

Our Story:  It is almost 14 years ago that we got married on this property. I had always wanted an outdoor wedding. To get married in nature was my ideal, but not necessarily the most practical. As I was planning it, I soon realized how much work was involved to rent the tent, tables, chairs, and then transfer them to and from the property sight - not to mention all the other details. We made it happen, and it was wonderful!  
When we decided to come back to Manitoba, we ended up moving onto the exact property where we were married! There was a spark in my heart to create a magical place for beautiful weddings and special events.

Our Idea: (As written in 2013) As so many of us love the idea of having an outdoor wedding, we are often scared to take that chance, and rightly so in Manitoba!  Our particular tent boasts of a transparent roof and side walls, allowing you to feel like you are truly outdoors while remaining protected regardless of the weather. The clear roof also creates a greenhouse type effect providing warmth during the cooler days.  Engineered block-out shades have been installed to reduce the intensity of heat that is transmitted through the tent when the weather is hot. These can be pulled over during hot days and rolled back in the evening when it gets cooler. After one too many rained out ceremonies, we decided to create a space that would still allow the surrounding forest to be the "walls", but built a roof and a decorative stone wall to create a romantic chapel-in-the-woods ceremony space.


Our Idea Now! (2020) - As much as we have loved the clear tent over the years and enjoyed seeing so many beautiful events take place here, we have gone through so much stress when it comes to storms and other unpredictable weather! In 2017, we decided it was time for transition and planning a new thing. We decided 2020 would be a year of rest and renovation. It gave me a few years to think what I wanted to do, and I quickly discovered that having a vision is one thing, but executing it is another! So what do we wish for for Cielo's Garden? We desire a similar "outdoor" feeling, with lots of light coming in, where the doors are open and the air can flow through. We love the idea of natural lighting flowing through the roof. We wanted to connect it with the rest of our theme - the chapel, the fireplace, the patio. We wanted something timeless.  We chose our favourite elements - stone, greenery, natural lighting, wood....I suppose now all we have to do is put it all together!

Our Name:  Cielo is the Spanish word for heaven, or sky. It is the name of our daughter who was, and still is, a gift from heaven to us. The word Garden reminds me of what God first created for mankind to enjoy - His beautiful creation.  

Location:  Cielo's Garden is situated on 80 acres of land. We are located 8 miles south of Steinbach  (#12 Hwy.) and half a mile west on the #205. You will find us on the north side.

Below are some pictures of our wedding on this property in 2006.